The Editorial Board of Osiris, a research journal devoted to the history of science and its cultural influences, solicits proposals for Volume 22, to appear in 2007. Osiris is a refereed journal of the History of Science Society (USA) published by University of Chicago Press. The Osiris Advisory Board will consider proposals for Volume 22 at the Society’s annual meeting in November 2003.

Proposals for broad themes that integrate issues in “mainstream” history with the history of science are especially encouraged, as are contributors from the historical discipline at large. Osiris volumes are designed to cast science in the framework of larger issues prominent in the historical discipline but infrequently treated in history of science, such as the development of civil society, urbanization, and the evolution of international affairs. They aim to open up new categories of analysis, to stimulate fresh areas of investigation, and to explore novel ways of synthesizing major historical problems that demand consideration of the role science or the natural world has played in them. Volumes that have appeared or are in preparation include:

a.. 17 (2002) SCIENCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY, guest edited by Lynn Nyhart and Thomas Broman b.. 18 (2003) SCIENCE AND THE CITY, guest edited by Sven Dierig, Jens Lachmund, and Andrew Mendelsohn c.. 19 (2004), on environment and health, guest edited by Gregg Mitman, Michelle Murphy and Christopher Sellers d.. 20 (2005), on science, war, and ideology, guest edited by Mark Walker and Carola e.. 21 (2006), on science, technology, and international affairs, guest edited by Kai Barth and John Kriege

Prospective guest editors should submit the following materials for consideration:

(1) a proposal of approximately 2000 words describing topic and its relationship to the literature to date including, where appropriate, the literature in mainstream history;

(2) a list of 12-15 contributors with the theme, topic, or title of contribution; and (3) publication c.v. of guest editor(s).

Guest editors and their contributors should be prepared to meet to the Osiris publication schedule. Volume 22 (2007) will go to press-after refereeing, author’s revisions, and copy editing–in the fall of 2006. Guest editors must therefore choose contributors who are able to submit their essays by the late fall of 2005. An Osiris volume is approximately 160,000-170,000 words long, depending on the number of illustrations. Volume submission and editing are done electronically.

Proposals are reviewed by the Osiris Advisory Board at the Society’s annual meeting. Announcement of the next volume of Osiris is made around the New Year. Proposals and all supporting materials should be sent by November 1, 2003 to: Kathryn Olesko, Osiris Editor, BMW Center for German & European Studies, Georgetown University, Washington, DC 20057-1022. (Materials may also be submitted electronically.)

Preliminary inquiries can be addressed to Kathy Olesko at: [email protected]