The Editorial Board of Osiris, a research journal devoted to the history of science and its cultural influences, solicits proposals for Volume 24, to appear in 2009. Osiris is a journal of the History of Science Society (USA) published by University of Chicago Press. The Osiris Editorial Board will consider proposals for Volume 24 at the HSS annual meeting in November 2005.

Proposals for broad themes that integrate issues in the history of science into topics of “mainstream” history are especially encouraged, as are contributors from the historical discipline at large. The Board is also very interested in proposals which assess the “state of the field” in various areas of the history of science.

Recent volumes include Science and Civil Society (2002), Science and the City (2003), Landscapes of Exposure (2004), and Politics and Science in Wartime (to appear July 2005).

Prospective guest editors should submit the following materials for consideration:

(1) a proposal of approximately 2000 words describing topic and its relationship to the literature to date including, where appropriate, the literature in mainstream history; (2) a list of 12-15 contributors with the theme, topic, or title of contribution; and (3) publication c.v. of guest editor(s).

Guest editors and their contributors should be prepared to meet to the Osiris publication schedule. Guest editors must therefore choose contributors who are able to submit their essays by September 2007. Volume 24 (2009) goes to press–after refereeing, author’s revisions, and copy editing–in the fall of 2008.

Proposals are reviewed by the Osiris Editorial Board. Announcement of the next volume of Osiris will be made no later than January 2006.

Proposals and all supporting materials should be sent in hard or electronic copy by October 15, 2005 to:

[email protected]


Kathryn M. Olesko, Osiris Editor BMW Center for German & European Studies 508 Intercultural Center Georgetown University Washington, DC 20057-1022

Preliminary inquiries may be sent to: [email protected]