The editors of Technoscience again wanted to solicit contributions from graduate students and faculty in the field of Science and Technology Studies (STS) and related studies (Culture, Science and Tech, Media Studies, etc) for the print version of Technoscience the Newsletter for the Society for Social Studies of Science. As you know our readership extends to the 4S membership and beyond and this is a good opportunity for graduate students and faculty to get their thoughts out among the membership. Below are some guidelines for submission and the various topics we are currently looking for:

-Essays/Thought Pieces: 2000 and 3500 words on topics pertinent to science/tech studies.

-Dissertations: This section would have a 250-1000 word summary essays (written by dissertation authors) on recent student dissertations in the field, giving them exposure to the rest of the society.

-Articles/Book reviews: Submissions for this section could range from 500 to 1500 words and should be book reviews of texts in the field of STS or thought pieces on texts in STS and or related fields.

-Society for Social Studies of Science Annual Meeting Reports: The Fall Issue of Technoscience will go out shortly after everyone returns from the EASST/4s Meeting in Paris. We would like to ask participants to contribute summaries of their panels or papers as well as reports on trends they found interesting at the meeting. This will be a good chance to showcase your work and put the meeting in perspective for our readers

The deadline for submissions is Sept 10, 2004. Please send submissions to [email protected] in MSWord format.

See the Newsletter at

Regards, Hector Postigo Co-Editor Technoscience