Position Description: Call for Workshop Proposals (Workshop Organizer)

Due Date for Applications: 09/25/2009
Institution/Employer: Situating Science Research Cluster
Location: Canada

Eligibility Requirements: Situating Science is a SSHRC-funded 
Strategic Knowledge Cluster, mandated to build networks among 
scholars, Canadian and international, in the various disciplines 
engaged in the humanistic and social study of science and technology, 
and to engage the work of these scholars with the wider Canadian public.

Situating Science is soliciting workshop proposals for the 2010 – 2011 
academic year. Up to two workshops will be funded (up to $10,000 
each). Workshop topics should fall under one of the four themes of the 

Science and its Publics
Historical Epistemology and Ontology (including philosophy of science)
Material Culture and Scientific/Technological Practices
Geography and Sites of Knowing

Additional Information:
Detailed information on the themes can be 
found at www.situsci.ca. The themes are intended to be broad and 
flexible. If in doubt as to whether your proposed topic fits within 
one of the themes, contact your local SituSci organisers or the 
SituSci central office (contact info below).

In accordance with SituSci\’s mandate, organisers are encouraged to 
seek inter-disciplinary participation (from within and/or outside the 
academy), and, where feasible, include a public component to their 

The Cluster will provide financial and organisational support, with 
the expectation that organisers will leverage additional funding from 
partnering institutions.

The Proposal should be no more than three pages, including:
Workshop title
Cluster theme under which workshop falls
Short description of workshop
Possible participants
Preliminary budget
Potential sources of outside funding
Possible inter-disciplinary partnerships (e.g., museums, journalists, 
Preliminary plans for involvement of students
Possible date

Proposals and queries are to be sent to the local SituSci organiser:

West Coast:                      Alan Richardson, UBC                         [email protected]
Alberta:        Robert Smith, U. Alberta                        [email protected]
Saskatchewan: Larry Stewart, U. Saskatchewan     [email protected]
Ontario:        Bernie Lightman, YorkU.                        [email protected]
Quebec:       Yves Gingras, UQAM                                                                 [email protected]
Nicholas Dew, McGill                                                    [email protected]
Atlantic:        Gordon McOuat, King\’s College               [email protected]

Or to the SituSci central office at: [email protected]
902 422-1271

Web Address for More Info: situsci.dal.ca
Contact E-mail for More Info: [email protected]