The Casebooks Project

Release 6: Richard Napier’s casebooks 1597–1605 and images of Ashmole MSS 236 and 411

Transcriptions of the first nine volumes of Napier’s casebooks, comprising nearly 12,000 cases, can now be browsed and searched. All the Forman cases are accompanied by images of the original manuscripts. Images and further transcriptions of Napier’s material will follow in due course.

Editing the new material has entailed a substantial revision and expansion of our search topic options, as Napier tended to be much more specific than Forman about the nature of his clients’ complaints. The user guides, particularly the ‘Guide to reading the texts’ and the ‘Topics of consultations’ page, have been updated accordingly, and a new ‘Guide to searching’ added.

Visitors should be aware that the Napier material remains in a state of flux, as the editorial work is still in progress. The Forman material is now stable barring minor revisions, but we will continue to work on refining the search function and expanding its scope. A ‘search results summary’ function has already been introduced, providing a graphic overview of the data retrieved by any search.

If you are using the casebooks for research or teaching, or would like to explore ways of doing so, please let us know. We are seeking funding to continue and expand the project and this could help. Thank you!

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