Science and culture

///Science and culture

Aileen Fyfe

NameAileen FyfeRegistration TypeFull TimeDegreePhDStatuscompletedEnd Year2000Thesis TitleIndustrialised Conversion: the Religious Tract Society and popular science publishing in Victorian BritainSupervisorJim SecordDepartmentHistory and Philosophy of Science

Karl Galle

NameKarl GalleRegistration TypeFull TimeDegreePhDStatuscompletedStart Year1997End Year2003Thesis TitleMonumental arts: the cultural practices of mathematics and astronomy during the German Renaissance, ca 1470-1550SupervisorRob IliffeDepartmentCentre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

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E Hughes

NameE HughesRegistration TypeFull TimeDegreeMScStatuscompletedEnd Year2001Thesis TitleThe social responsibility of scientists in popular culture: myth or morality? A case study of Contact and the Lawmower Man/ Moral dilemmas of scientists in filmsSupervisorHelen Haste and A BeaulieuDepartmentScience Studies Centre

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