Industrial Heritage 2012
6th European contact weekend for industrial heritage volunteers and associations
London (UK), 26-28 October 2012

Invitation and call-for-papers

E-FAITH, the European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage is the European platform promoting contacts and co-operation between non profit volunteer associations, the place where those can meet, exchange experiences, learn from each other and support each other=s activities and campaigns.

After previous succesfull meetings in Beringen, Kortrijk, Barcelona, Calais and Tilburg (each attended by representatives from a dozen countries) E-FAITH is now going to organize in London its sixth European contact weekend for volunteers and non profit organisations that are engaged in the research, the preservation, the interpretation and/or the presentation of the industrial and technical heritage.

Exchanging ideas is the very essence of these Industrial Heritage Weekends organised by the European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage (EFAITH).

The Weekend this October is being held in London and will provide enterprising volunteers and their associations with an excellent opportunity to promote their restoration project, whether work in progress or finished, to like-minded volunteers from all over Europe.

The main themes of this year’s meeting are the challenges facing industrial heritage sites and associations.

During the meeting special attention will be given to

  • Promoting international volunteer co-operation for industrial heritage preservation.
  • Exchange of ideas on restoration, raising capital and income, marketing, technical skills, training, safety and other aspects of running projects successfully
  • Presentations by volunteers and associations on existing projects and work in progress
  • One will continue the discussions started last year in Tilburg: the project for a European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year (2015), twinning between industrial heritage associations and the conservation of old industrial chimneys.

The Weekend begins in the afternoon of Friday 26th October with a guided walk in the Three Mills area in the East End of London, with a chance to learn about the House Mill – said to be the largest tidal mill in the world, which operated from the 1770s until 1940 – and the Abbey Mills pumping station.

Saturday 27th October will be devoted to presentations, exchange of ideas and discussion, followed by an early evening visit to the Kirkaldy Testing Museum in Southwark. The presentations will be given in the lecture hall at Toynbee Hall in Whitechapel, itself of I.A. interest as the place where Marconi first demonstrated his wireless in the UK.

On Sunday morning 28th October, the focus will be on the voluntary theme and the challenges facing voluntary museums and their staffing, with particular reference to increasing regulation and safety requirements. The morning will end with a visit to the Kew Engines Museum when the huge Cornish Engines will be in steam.

Additional information on the Fifth European Industrial and Technical Heritage Weekend is available and will be regularly updated: