European Social Science History Conference, Lisbon, Feb. 27-March 1, 2008.

Panels on “Kinship and Blood”

Following on from our series of kinship sessions at the past three European Social Science History Conferences (kinship over the long run in Europe, relations among siblings in Europe, transnational families in Europe and beyond), for the coming conference in Lisbon, we would like to examine a matter that has popped up all the time, looking at it from a long run and comparative perspective: namely, blood. This should bring together scholars who work on all periods from the Middle Ages onwards. It is quite possible that we can have as many as four panels–which will allow for continuous discussion over the course of the conference. Each panel has room for four papers and a comment, which means that we can probably bring together 16-20 scholars. The main organizational problem is to locate the most interesting researchers working on theological, juridical, belletristic, ethnological, artistic, and medical representations of blood, where there are implications for understanding heredity, succession, inheritance, alliance, obligation, and conflict in the broad arena of kinship dynamics and practices. We need suggestions for papers, panel topics, and possible contributors. Each panel should bring together scholars from different academic traditions, perspectives, and, perhaps, time periods. Please send me suggestions and contact information as soon as possible. If you have a paper proposal, send a short abstract.

David Sabean [email protected]