Call for papers for an ICOHTEC-Session 2010, organised by Hans-Joachim Braun, Nikolaus Katzer, and Stefan Poser, Helmut Schmidt-University Hamburg

ICOHTEC Tampere, 10-15 August 2010

Both technology and play have crucial functions in human life. They have strongly influenced the development of societies. During the last decades technology-based play has become more and more important: (i) The so-called leisure society has begun to take shape. Supply of and demand for games have increased; the leisure industry is still growing. (ii) Elements of play can be found in fields of work and applications of play in working processes (as in programming computers) are growing as well. (iii) Simulations and virtual worlds – which are close to play in some way- are becoming more important.

In some cases – as military simulation on the one side and military games on the other or businesses based on games dealing with virtual life (second life e.g.) – game, play and reality are difficult to separate from each other. Soccer – which can be analysed as game and as business – is nowadays based to a high degree on computer simulations. New developmentsof soccer tactics are linked to the virtual reality of computer games. The playful approach to technology might influence the view on technology; thus contributors are invited to discuss how technology was conveyed to children and adults with the help of games and playing. The idea of the session is to analyse mutual influences of technology and play. The approach is based on a broad comprehensive understanding of play. To connect play and gratification enables us to investigate the following main areas:

1. Sports and leisure as well as

2. Toys and (children’s) play,

3. Technology based festivities, annual fairs and amusement parks and

4. Elements of technology-based play in fields of work.

The main questions are:

1. How important is technology for play and sports in general?

2. How important is a playful, joyful approach for the development,

acceptance and appropriation of technology?

3. In which way has technology-based play influenced the development of society?

The session will continue the work of the Victoria session on technology in sports as well as of the sessions on technology and play in Copenhagen and Budapest. In this stage theoretical approaches to the subject are welcome as well as case studies.

Please contact us – Hans-Joachim Braun, [email protected], Nikolaus Katzer, [email protected], and Stefan Poser, [email protected] – and submit an abstract until 6 November 2009. This will enable us to submit the concept of the whole section to the ICOHTEC Program Committee in time.