The Society for Industrial Archeology invites proposals for papers and poster displays to be presented at the 42nd Annual Conference on Saturday, June 1, 2013, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Poster displays can be works in progress. Presentations on all topics related to industrial archeology, technology, social change related to industry, and historic bridges are welcome. Papers about regional industries and transportation in the Upper Midwest are encouraged. Presenters on historic bridge related topics are encouraged to participate in the 23rd Historic Bridge Symposium, which is planned to be one of the parallel presentation tracks. All papers and poster displays should offer interpretation and synthesis of data.

Presentation Formats: Proposals may be for individual papers, 20 minutes in length, a group of themed papers filling a 90-minute session, or organized 90-minute panel discussions (formal moderator optional).

Proposal Formats: Proposals should be submitted electronically (Microsoft Word .doc, or OpenOffice Open Document Format Text .odt) unless special arrangements have been made. Each proposal must include:

  1. title;
  2. a 300-500 word abstract with a detailed discussion of points, findings, or conclusions;
  3. a brief biographical statement of 75-150 words for each presenter;
  4. presenter contact information including postal address, telephone/fax, and e-mail;
  5. a list of visual-aid requests. Facilities for media formats other than Microsoft PowerPoint .ppt or OpenOffice Open Document Format Presentation .odp may not be available.

For 90-minute sessions, a panel organizer should submit all paper proposals as a group, accompanied by a title and a brief description of the theme or purpose. If any of these items are missing, the proposal cannot be considered.

Presenters are encouraged to consider transforming papers into an article for IA: The Journal of the Society for Industrial Archeology. No conference proceedings are published.

Deadline for paper proposals: February 28, 2013. Send proposals or questions to: Erin Timms, [email protected], SIA 2013 Paper Sessions Chair, 12 Tiffany St., Providence, RI 02908, (812) 584-8711.

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