Call for Registration and Posters
Challenges and Responsibilities 
for a Planet in Transition
Liège, Belgium, 6-12 August 2017

The preparation of the World Humanities Conference is now approaching very fast. The draft programme is being revised, but please see the earlier draft version online:

Please note that the Conference is preceded, on Sunday morning, by CIPSH’s board and general assembly meetings. In case you are a delegate, please try to arrive to Liège at least on the 5th August.

I also kindly ask you to formally register in the conference website. Most speakers registered through CIPSH website, but now, to secure that all administrative aspects are properly secured, please do so also at the following address (if you haven’t so far):

Also in case you have applied for the conference support, please try to register.

**A posters session has been opened, due to very high interest on the Conference. Proposals may be made using this form.**