From 6-10 September 2005 the Working Party on History of Chemistry of the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences (EuCheMS) will held its bi-annual History of Chemistry Conference in Lisbon and Estoril, Portugal. A major aim of the conference is to facilitate communication between historically interested chemists and historians of chemistry from all over Europe(and elsewhere). Under the large umbrella of the theme “Chemistry, Technology and Society”, the conference will mainly focus on three topics, which all have attracted public and scholarly attention in recent years: (1) the material culture of chemistry; (2) applied chemistry; (3) the popularisation of chemistry. Some special sessions will also be devoted to the development of Portuguese chemistry.

New items in this message are:

the announcement of two additional plenary lectures, by Prof. David Knight (University of Durham) and Prof. John K. Smith (Lehigh University) the extension of the deadline for the submission of paper to 15 February (as well as the extension of all other deadlines by 15 days) the announcement of a 50% subsidy for young scholars (Ph.D. students) and colleagues from Eastern Europe (as well as for accompanied persons) You are kindly invited to contribute to the conference by presenting a paper. For more information, please consult the website of the Conference (web address shown below).

I hope to meet you in September in Lisbon and Estoril!

With best wishes,

Ernst Homburg Chairman of the EuCheMS Working Party on History of Chemistry

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