An Interdisciplinary Conference: “Chinese Philosophy and Human Development in the 21st Century”

14th International Society for Chinese Philosophy Conference with Australasian Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy Stream 13-19 July 2005 University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Keynote Speakers

Professor Chung-ying Cheng (University of Hawaii) “Managing Business and Environment from the Perspective of Chinese Philosophy” Professor Nathan Sivin (University of Pennsylvania) “Drawing Insights from Chinese Medicine” Dr Nick Bunnin (Oxford University, UK) “God’s Knowledge and Ours: Kant and Mou Zongsan on Intellectual Intuition” Professor Keli Fang (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, PRC) “Drawing from the traditional conception of Humanism to a new theory of minben” A/Prof John Makeham (University of Adelaide, Australia) “The Legitimacy of Chinese Philosophy: Views from the Fringe” Professor Lisa Raphals (University of California, Riverside, USA) “Thinking Outside Confucianism: New Approaches to Self and Autonomy” Professor Yijie Tang (Beijing University, PRC) “Moving away from the “traditional-modern” and “Sino-West” Disputes toward Syncretism”

Panel and workshop discussions will focus on interdisciplinary debate in the following areas: – Values, health and ethics including conceptions of self, society and well-being – Politics, international relations and globalisation issues – Trade, economy, business and human resource development – Culture, art and religion – The natural environment and natural resources, built environments, and the impact of development on the natural environment – Scientific and technological developments with particular emphasis on emergent ethical challenges

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