January 29

Stephen Pemberton (Rutgers & New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Innovation and Iatrogenesis: Hemophilia Management and Historical Practice in the Age of Genetic Medicine

February 12

Richard Aldrich (University of Warwick)

Some obscure aspects of the scientific work of GCHQ and CESG

February 26

Miguel Garcia Sancho (University of Edinburgh)

Recasting centres and peripheries: the three lives of protein sequencing in Spanish biomedical research (1968-1994)

March 12

Chris Renwick (University of York)

Eugenics, social science, and social mobility in early and mid-twentieth-century Britain

March 26

Matt Smith (University of Strathclyde)

The pre-history of food allergy: idiosyncrasies in the nineteenth century

May 7

Steve Byrne and Tom Crook (Oxford Brookes University)

The normal, the natural and the average: Searching for standards in English public health and education, c. 1850–1900

May 21

Sabina Leonelli (University of Exeter)

Data integration and translational research: the case of plant science