October 8
Richard Staley, University of Cambridge
On Bodies, Buckets and Souls: Ernst Mach and the Physics, Physiology and Politics of Relative and Absolute Motion

October 22
Sabina Leonelli, University of Exeter
Data integration and translational research: the case of plant science

November 5
Victoria Bates, University of Bristol
The Doctor as Scientist, Detective and Moralist: Rethinking Specialisation Narratives in English Local Courts, 1850-1914

November 19
David Clayton, University of York
The curious case of the Saucepan Special, a “tropicalized” wireless radio set for Africans.

December 3
Richard Tutton, Lancaster University
Genomics and the Re-imagining of Personalized Medicine

The programme January-May 2013 will follow in the new year