The Eddington Heritage – A Claim for ANPA

A talk by Clive Kilmister

Wednesday 10th March at 5pm, Keynes Hall, King’s College, Cambridge

Clive Kilmister and Ted Bastin, incorporating major work by others in the Alternative Natural Philosophy Association, have developed a ‘process’ theory that yields a statistical and algebraic alternative to classical and quantum space and time. Sixty years ago Arthur Eddington’s claim about the nature of some fundamental constants had been their inspiration, and this work justifies the importance Eddington attached to these constants.

We are very fortunate indeed to have this opportunity to hear Clive Kilmister speak about this work, which he will present in a non-technical form accessible to all.

Everybody is welcome. Please forward this message to any others who might be interested.

— Dr Kate Price Junior Research Fellow Homerton College Hills Road Cambridge CB2 2PH

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