Colloquium on Ritual Healing in Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Organised by Charles Burnett and Ildiko Csepregi-Vardabasso

At the Warburg Institute, University of London, 17-18 February 2006

(with the support of the British Academy and the Wellcome Trust)

Friday 17 February

9.45 Doors open

FIRST SESSION Chair: Peter Pormann Welcome

10.00 Robert Arnott (University of Birmingham)

Popular Healing Cult on Minoan Crete

11.00 Árpád M. Nagy (Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest) Daktylios pharmakités. Graeco-Egyptian magical healing gems

11.40 Coffee/Tea

12.00 Maria Elena Gorrini (Università degli Studi, Pavia) Non-Asclepian cults in Greece and Magna Graecia: a few examples

1.00 Lunch for invited guests

SECOND SESSION Chair: Ildikó Csepregi-Vardabasso

2.00 Siam Bhayro (UCL) “He shall play with his hand, and you shall be well” (1 Samuel 16.16): David’s lyre and music therapy

2.45 Manfred Horstmanshoff (University of Leiden) Asclepian healing in triple perspective: Doctor, patient and illness


4.00 Sarolta A. Takács (Rutgers University) The cult of Isis: Interpretatio Romana

4.45 David Napier (UCL) Empowering ritual objects (medical anthropology)


6.00 Reception

6.45 Supper for invited guests

Saturday 18 February

10.00 Doors open

THIRD SESSION Chair: Emilie Savage-Smith

10.00 Remke Kruk (University of Leiden) Islamic healing in the Netherlands

10.45 Ildikó Csepregi-Vardabasso (Central European University, Budapest) The temple as hospital. Dream healing in Byzantium

11.30 Coffee/Tea

11.50 Gábor Klaniczay (Collegium Budapest) Dream healing in Central European and Italian canonization documents (thirteenth to fourteenth centuries)

12.35 Discussion

1.00 Lunch for invited guests

FOURTH SESSION Chair: Charles Burnett

2.00 Vivian Nutton, (Wellcome Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL) A Latin pseudo-history of medicine.

2.45 Catherine Rider (Christ’s College, Cambridge) The Manual of doctor Bartholomaeus Carrichter on how to cure magically-caused illnesses

3.30 Fernando Salmón (University of Cantabria) The physician as cure in medical scholasticism

4.15 Tea/Coffee

4.35 Discussion

5.00 Conference closes

Admission is free but advance registration is recommended

For further information, see the Warburg Institute website ( or contact Elizabeth [email protected]