The Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) invites you to join us for a
1½-day conference, “Composition to Commerce: Chemistry, History, and the
Wider World,” to be held at our headquarters in Philadelphia, PA, USA,
on 12-13 June 2009.

The history of chemistry has a long and
distinguished lineage of chemist/historian practitioners. The
professionalization of the history of science in the second half of the
20th century has broadened the topics of investigation in the history of
chemistry, but also produced a need for historians to be aware of the
methods and implications of their research. Today, historians of
chemistry pursue a rich array of research topics ranging from medieval
and early modern chymistry to contemporary nanotechnology, and from
laboratory and industrial practice to the functions and challenges of
chemistry in the public sphere. “Composition to Commerce: Chemistry,
History, and the Wider World” is intended to bring together some of the
leading scholars of the history of chemistry both to present the fruits
of their current research and to reflect on how their work relates to
general themes in the recent historiography of chemistry and science.