Conceptions of Empirical Success:  Historical and Philosophical Perspectives

A conference in Honour of William L. Harper

May 7-8, 2010, The University of Western Ontario

London, Ontario, Canada.

Bill Harper’s work on Newton, and his work on scientific methodology, illustrate the ways in which history and philosophy of science can be mutually illuminating.  This conference brings together some leading historians and philosophers of science to continue the dialogue, and to honour Bill on the occasion of his retirement.

Speakers: John Earman,  Allan Gibbard, Alan Hájek, James Joyce, Rhonda Martens, Brian Skyrms, George Smith, Curtis Wilson.  See for programme.

The conference will be followed on May 9 by a graduate student conference on Logic, Mathematics, and Physics.

There is no attendance  fee.  However, since we’d like to have an idea of numbers, please e-mail Wayne Myrvold ([email protected]) if you plan to attend.