Concepts of Health, Illness and Disease, Workshop 3: Culture-bound Syndromes

Funded by the AHRC

Tuesday 7 July 2009
University of Lancaster

Institute for Advanced StudiesBuilding. Meeting Room 2

The workshop is free, but places are limited. Please email Rachel
Cooper, [email protected] to reserve a place.

There are some travel bursaries available for postgrad students. Please
email [email protected] by 22 June to apply.

This one-day workshop will be the third event of a new Multidisciplinary
Research Network on The Concepts of Health, Illness and Disease, funded
by the AHRC. The network is managed by Dr Havi Carel (UWE) and Dr Rachel
Cooper (Lancaster).  

For more information on the network:

10.00-11.00 Dr Ivan Crozier, Science Studies, University of Edinburgh
Koro, genital theft, or whizz-dick? Psychiatry, culture-bound syndromes,
and penis-shrinking anxieties

11-11.30 Dr Gloria Dura Vila (co-authors: Simon Dein, Roland Littlewood,
Gerard Leavey) ImperialCollegeLondon –
The dark night of the soul: Causes and resolution of emotional distress
among contemplative nuns

11.30-11.50 – coffee

11.50-12.50 Dr Stefan Ecks, Social Anthropology, Edinburgh
Bengali “bowel obsession” in the antidepressant era

12.50-1.40 lunch

1.40-2.10 Dr Somogy Varga, Institute for Social Research, Johann
WolfgangGoetheUniversity & Centre for Subjectivity Research,
The new spirit of captitalism and the rise of depression

2.10-2.40 Dr Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim, History of Medicine, UCL
Tibetan ‘wind’ illnesses and a few comparative remarks

2.40-3.10 Dr Matthew Heaton, History, VirginiaTechUniversity –
Culture bound syndromes in historical perspective: The case of brain fag
in Nigeria

3.10-3.30 coffee

3.30-4.30 Prof Roland Littlewood, Medical Anthropology, UCL
Historical and epistemological issues, with some thoughts on social
change and Western CBSs

4.30-5.00 Dr Charlotte Blease, Philosophy, Queen’s Belfast
Relationships as epistemic devices: Disordered and ordered thinking as
culture bound

5.00-5.30 Dr Rachel Cooper, Philosophy, Lancaster
Are culture bound syndromes as “real” as other disorders?