Concepts of Infection – an interdisciplinary conference

Thursday 29th March to Saturday 31st March 2007 at the University of Bristol

This Conference will explore the ways in which infections are imagined, represented, and theorized. Presentations will engage with a wide variety of aspects of infection, from historical examples of single diseases and epidemics (such as cholera, smallpox, AIDS), to more abstract concepts of pollution and contagion. Topics covered include, among others: the development of our scientific understanding of infectious disease; the ways in which ideas of infection relate to race, gender, sexuality, imagination and conceptions of the body and of the self; the language of infection and its use as metaphor; how real and imagined diseases are represented in literature, film, painting, and book illustration; and the way in which discourses of infection are employed for political, psychological, and polemical purposes.

The Conference is interdisciplinary, aiming to be of interest to those from the humanities and the sciences.

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