The 2nd Annual London Ancient Science Conference is on Wednesday December 6th, starting 10:00 at the Gustav Tuck LT, University College London. No fee and no registration, all welcome on the day. See website at for map and further details.

Speakers are:

10-12 Dr. Peter Adamson (KCL): Plotinus and Astrology. Dr. Andrew Gregory (UCL): Milesian Cosmogony.

1-3 Prof. Mark Geller (UCL): Babylonian Medicine. Dr. Karen Radner (UCL): Knowledge and Power in the Assyrian Empire – Web based teaching project. Dr. Daniel Schwemer (SOAS): Witchcraft and Medicine in ancient Mesopotamia

3:30-5:30 Dr. Robert Lloyd (Cambridge): Chemistry in the Timaeus: Symmetry and the ‘logos pleion’ of 54B. Dr. Barbara Zipser (Wellcome): Rural Health Care in the Middle Ages A New Text. Aexandra Smith (Bristol): The Eclipse of Ennius.