URL: http://www.geolsoc.org.uk/page8258.html

The History of Geology Group (HOGG), a group affiliated with the Geological Society of London, will be holding a conference about Geological Collectors and Collecting. The conference will take place on 4-5 April 2011 at the Flett Theatre at the Natural History Museum in London, and is timed coincide the Christies planned sale of natural history artefacts. Convenors include John Henry (HOGG member, and proprietor of 19th Century Geological Maps), Sarah Long (Head of Palaeontology Collections at the Natural History Museum in London), and Nina Morgan (Science writer and HOGG committee member).

This two day event will include talks, exhibitions, workshops and behind the scenes tours on topics of interest to collectors of geological material of all kinds, including books, maps, minerals, and fossils. It will also include discussions about historical collections and policy issues related to collections and care of collections. Confirmed speakers include Julian Wilson of Christies on the history of collecting, Tom Sharpe of the National Museum of Wales on the Museum’s geological map collection, Monica Price of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History on the Corsi collection of ornamental stones, and the historian Karolyn Shindler on the life and letters of the 19th century fossil collector, Barbara Hastings.

To receive further information and notices about the conference or to propose a talk or exhibition, e-mail Nina Morgan on [email protected]