Call for contributors – Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History

Berkshire Publishing Group is seeking scholars and other experts who study the history of science and technology to write an article or two for the five-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, to be published in January 2005. This highly collaborative and international project will result in a work that truly defines the rapidly growing field of world history. William McNeill (author of Rise of the West and The Human Web) is serving as the senior editor and is working with editors Jerry Bentley (University of Hawaii, editor of the Journal of World History), David Christian (University of San Diego, author of Maps of Time), Heidi Roupp (Founding editor of World History Connected), and Judith Zinsser (Miami University, author of A History of Their Own: Women in Europe from Prehistory to the Present) and twenty other leading scholars and teachers serving as associate editors.

The Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History will provide a broad, connected picture of times past – from the Paleolithic era to the present – around the globe. The work covers all facets of the human experience, with a focus on interactions across time and space. It contains some 750 signed articles written by experts – 1.5 million words – along with hundreds of illustrations, sidebars of primary source material, and appendices to aid in research, teaching, and comparative study. The print edition will be published in five volumes a year from now.

We have had a generous and enthusiastic response from the scholarly community. A majority of articles have been assigned and many have already been written – by leading scholars including Michael Adas (Race and Racism; Social Darwinism), Al Andrea (Byzantine Empire; Crusades; Travel, Exploration, and Contact – Overview), Ralph Croizier (Confucius; Qin Shi Huangdi; Revolution – China), Alfred Crosby (Columbian Exchange), Donna Gabaccia (Diasporas; Migrations), Marnie Hughes-Warrington (Postmodernism; Writing World History), Martin Marty (Religion – Overview; Religious Fundamentalism), John Mears (Human Evolution – Overview; Austro-Hungarian Empire), Kenneth Pomeranz (Economic Growth, Intensive and Extensive), Andrew Sherratt (Secondary Products Revolution), Peter Stearns (Social History; Childhood), Ian Tattersall (Paleoanthropology), and Norman Yoffee (State Societies, Emergence of). The comprehensive nature of our coverage means, however, that there is a wide range of topics to be included. These topics are important, relevant, and challenging – and have often not been fully treated from a world history perspective before.

This is an exciting, challenging opportunity to be part of the community of historians (and anthropologists, archaeologists, and scholars from other disciplines) who are exploring and defining world history in a groundbreaking resource for students and general readers. We welcome contributions from scholars and teachers and will be glad to provide you with detailed writing guidelines and sample articles.

Contributors who write 2000 words or more will receive a free set of the encyclopedia (estimated retail value: $600), and those who write more than 4000 words will receive an honorarium as well. All articles will be peer-reviewed by the board of editors, and authors will be fully acknowledged in the published work.

Please see the list of science and technology-related articles that remain unassigned at the bottom of this letter. If you are interested in writing any of the articles on the list, send a message indicating which article(s) you’re interested in writing, along with a paragraph about your position, experience, and major relevant publications (we do not need a CV at this stage), to our project editor, Sarah Conrick, at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

With best regards, David Levinson Project Director Editor-in-chief of the 10-volume Encyclopedia of World Cultures (Macmillan 1991-1995)

Berkshire’s most recent publication in this area is the Encyclopedia of World Environmental History (Berkshire/Routledge 2003), edited by Shepard Krech III, John R. McNeill, and Carolyn Merchant: “This is the most ambitious effort yet to offer a comprehensive overview of the long-term history of human interactions with the natural world on a truly planetary scale. Contributors include some of the world’s leading environmental historians and the Encyclopedia of World Environmental History should be a standard reference tool for years to come.”–William Cronon, Frederick Jackson Turner Professor of History, Geography, and Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Article Length (words) Airplane 2000 Antibiotics 1000 Architecture 2000 Automobile 2000 Computer 2000 Diseases, Plant 3000 Electricity 1000 Energy 4000 Expeditions, Scientific 2000 Exploration, Space 2000 Internet and Electronic Data Flow 1000 Lifting Tools 2000 Measurement Systems 2000 Medical Technologies 2000 Metallurgy 2000 Modern Household Technology 2000 Railroad 2000 Sail 2000 Satellite 2000 Science – Overview 4000 Scientific Instruments 2000 Sexually Transmitted Diseases 1000 Wheeled Transport 2000