CULTURE CLASH: The Two Cultures 50 Years On

An afternoon meeting at the University of Surrey, 8 September 2009

Fifty years ago, C P Snow claimed there were ‘two cultures’ – with an

unbridgeable gulf between literary culture and that of science and

technology. The idea sparked widespread controversy, which has continued

ever since.

This meeting, which is part of the British Science Festival at the

University of Surrey (Guildford), takes a critical look at Snow’s notorious

idea and its enduring appeal. Have the two cultures moved any closer? And

what do they imply for the larger questions he raised about education,

economic development, and global inequality?

Chair: Jon Turney


– Prof Robert Bud (Science Museum): The Two Cultures: a 20th century dilemma

– Dr Ted Nield (Editor, Geoscientist magazine): What did CP Snow really say

­ and what did he mean?

– Prof Raymond Tallis (University of Manchester): After the Two Cultures:

can we meet Snow’s challenge?

Date: Tuesday 8 September 2009

Time: 4.00­6.00 pm

Organised by: General Section, British Science Association

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