Reference Number 004319
Location Dumbarton Road / Thurso Street
Job Family Management Professional & Administrative
Position Type Part Time
Salary Range £32,267 – £36,298
Job Purpose

To care for, interpret and encourage and facilitate use of the scientific and medical history collections belonging to The Hunterian. The post holder will be active in the development of research and other scholarly initiatives on these collections and engage in teaching and learning activity.

Main Duties and Responsibilities
To ensure that the collections are efficiently managed and documented for their long-term well being.

To undertake, facilitate and collaborate in research into the Hunterian collections of scientific and medical instruments; To publish research findings in leading journals and through other appropriate media. (20% of time jointly devoted to research/teaching activity).

To acquire and update subject related knowledge and provide as appropriate, expert advice to UoG and related organisations on matters pertaining to the collections, and to participate in national and international activities related to the collections.
To identify potential sources of funding and secure such funds either as an individual or team member. To manage these resources effectively and be accountable for their use in relation to the collection.
To contribute to University teaching as appropriate, both in established courses with the assistance of a mentor if required, and by collaborating with colleagues to develop new modules, demonstrations and other delivery formats with appropriate assessment mechanisms to meet defined learning objectives. (20% of time jointly devoted to research/teaching activity).
To take responsibility for programming the Hunterian Science Showcase space and participate in public understanding of science and knowledge exchange programmes, using the Hunterian collections in an innovative way, collaborating with colleagues/researchers as required.
To facilitate physical and intellectual access to the collections for HE and other groups and to encourage use of the collections by the widest possible learning audiences, including dissemination though exhibition, digital media and other means.
To assist in the development of the collections in accordance with the Hunterian’s strategic development plans.
To contribute to the enhancement of the University’s international profile in line with the University’s Strategic Plan, Glasgow 2020 – A Global Vision

Deadline is 1 September 2013. For further details and to apply, see here.