Cushing Memorial Prize Nominations, 2004-2005

The family, students, friends, and colleagues of Jim Cushing are pleased once again to solicit nominations for the James T. Cushing Prize in the History and Philosophy of Physics.

This annual prize is intended to recognize and reward the work of younger scholars. The next winner will receive $1,000 and an invitation to deliver a paper in Notre Dame’s History and Philosophy of Science Colloquium series during the 2005-2006 academic year. Eligible are all papers in the history and philosophy of physics published by a younger scholar within the three years prior to the nomination (e.g., for the 2004-2005 competition, no earlier than September, 2001). Work is eligible only by nomination. While we offer no explicit definition of the term “younger scholar,” our intention is to favor work produced by scholars who are no more than about five years past the completion of the Ph.D. or, in a comparable way, new to the fields of the history and philosophy of physics, in recognition of Jim’s well-known role as a nurturer of younger talent in the profession.

A nomination should consist of a brief description of the significance of the nominated work and such information about the author as the nominator might think helpful to the evaluation committee, such as an abbreviated c.v. The deadline for receipt of nominations is Janurary 15, 2005.

Nominated work will be evaluated by a committee of three people drawn from the members of the Advisory Committee. The winner will be announced in April 2005.

Nominations will be accepted by mail, fax, email.

By mail: Cushing Memorial Prize Nominations History and Philosophy of Science Graduate Program 346 O’Shaughnessy University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, IN 46556

By fax: 574-631-7418 By email: [email protected]

Please be sure to include the following information:

1. The name, institutional affiliation, phone number, fax number (if available), mailing address, and email address for both the nominator and the nominee. 2. A full reference to the published work (i.e., journal name, volume, page numbers, URL if available, etc.).

The Cushing Memorial Prize honors the memory of the late James T. Cushing (1937-2002), long-time professor of physics, philosophy, and the history and philosophy of science at the University of Notre Dame. The prize is administered by Notre Dame’s Graduate Program in the History and Philosophy of Science with the assistance of a distinguished international advisory committee composed of Professor Cushing’s students, friends, and professional colleagues. The members of the Advisory Committee are:

Yuri Balashov (University of Georgia) Mara Beller (Hebrew University) Darrin Belousek (Lithuania Christian College) Alisa Bokulich (Boston University) Gary Bowman (Northern Arizona University) Jeremy Butterfield (Oxford University) Michael Dickson (University of South Carolina) Arthur Fine (University of Washington) Don Howard (Notre Dame) Ernan McMullin (Notre Dame) Michael Redhead (London School of Economics)

For further information, please visit the website for the Cushing Memorial Prize: