Darwin Festival in Cambridge in July

There will be events to celebrate the life and work of Charles Darwin all over the world in 2009 – it is the bicentenary of his birth and 150 years since the publication of the Origin of Species.

Three years ago Professor Patrick Bateson established a committee in Cambridge made up of academics from all disciplines which gave itself the task of setting up a Festival to celebrate the legacy of Charles Darwin. I was one of the members given the task of organising a Darwin and the Arts series of events for the Festival.

The Festival programme is now complete and Festival booking has now gone live. You can see the full programme on:


<It” target=”_new”>http://www.darwin2009.cam.ac.uk/>It is to be a week long. Each day academics, philosophers and intellectuals such as Dawkins, Attenborough and Dennett will give lectures but there will also be a significant number of arts events – poets, artists, novelists and playwrights will talk about Darwin or give readings. This includes two significant highlights – a major event with Ian McEwan and A.S. Byatt at the Corn Exchange and a major exhibition showing Darwin’s influence on the arts at the Fitzwilliam.