Darwin Now Conference: Darwin’s Living Legacy

Bibliotheca Alexandrina 14 – 16 November 2009

A conference organised by the British Council and the Bibliotheca
Alexandrina, Egypt

The Darwin Now Conference will take place at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina,
Egypt from 14 – 16 November 2009. The Programme Committee invites papers
from a broad range of disciplines including: Science, History of Science,
Philosophy of Science, Social Sciences, Education, The Arts and Media.

The conference will be arranged around three strands:

1. Cutting Edge Evolutionary Science Current research focusing on:
Genetics; Genomics; Speciation; Origin of Adaptation; Epigenetics;
Evolutionary Microbiology; Molecular Biology; Evolutionary Ecology;

2. Applications of Evolutionary Science Agriculture and Plant Sciences;
Biomedicine; Engineering; Anthropology; Economic development.

3. Social and Cultural Impacts of Darwinism and Evolution Historical
debates; Reception of Darwinism across cultures; Evolution and Education;
Evolution and Ethics; Science, Religion and Society.

We would like to encourage papers from the following areas:

1. Evolution in the post-Genomic Era
2. Speciation and adaptation
3. Microbiological implications for evolutionary sciences
4. Issues in Biodiversity and evolutionary ecology
5. Epigenetics
6. Evolution at the molecular level
7. Evolutionary psychology
8. Agricultural applications of evolution
9. Biomedical applications of evolution
10. Evolution across the disciplines
11. History and reception of Darwinism
12. Evolution and religion
13. Ethics in light of evolutionary approaches
14. Debates in Science Education
15. What is science – evolutionary scientific method
16. Darwinism in the Arts (including literature)
17. Darwin and the Media – how should we communicate Darwinism and evolution

Proposals for individual papers should include an abstract of no more than
250 words with no footnotes and be comprehensible to a non-specialist
audience. Papers will be 15 – 20 minutes long. Paper submissions should be
accompanied by biographies for all speakers.

Poster Proposals should normally consist of an abstract of no more than 250
words with no footnotes and be comprehensible to a non-specialist audience.

All prospective participants should submit:

* An abstract of no more than 250 words with no footnotes and
comprehensible to a non-specialist audience.

* Full contact details

* A short biography of no more than 250 words.

* Details of any specific audio visual requirements for your talk

Your proposal should be sent as a single electronic document.

In order that we can publicise the conference as effectively as possible,
we will assume that in submitting an abstract, each participant is granting
us the right to publish its content on the conference website and
elsewhere: if you do not wish your abstract to be publicised, please advise
us explicitly. Where appropriate, we may contact you seeking further
information for use in conference press releases.

The deadline for submitting a paper, session, or poster will be 1 June
2009. The conference programme will include parallel themed sessions,
plenary lectures, education and outreach activities, and a conference

Bursaries will be available to cover travel costs and accommodation. There
will be a separate application procedure for bursaries once abstracts have
been accepted. However, please indicate when submitting your abstract if
you will be applying for a bursary.

We would like to encourage paper and poster proposals from early career

Proposals should be sent electronically to:

[email protected]

Or by post to:

Darwin’s Living Legacy Conference (Darwin Now)
British Council
Bridgewater House
58 Whitworth Street
Manchester, M1 6BB

Please note that all conference participants must register for the
conference in order to be included in the conference programme.

Enquiries concerning this conference should be directed to:
[email protected]

For further information about the British Council Darwin Now project,
please go to: www.britishcouncil.org/darwin