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Debating the Evidence: Evolution

///Debating the Evidence: Evolution

Debating the Evidence: Evolution

Friday 20 October 2006 Debating the Evidence: Evolution Conference @ CRASSH

Darwin’s theory of evolution still provokes both informed and even passionate debate. Evolutionary theory has itself continued to evolve and diversify, sometimes provoking controversy between rival strands, while recently it has again come under attack from religious groups who question its scientific basis altogether. This interdisciplinary day of discussion and debate will focus on imaginative and creative responses to Darwin’s Origin of Species, as well as the historical and scholarly debates surrounding Darwin’s work. It will also address larger questions about the nature of evidence in scientific debate (the so-called ‘science wars’). Experts drawn from relevant scientific fields, along with artists, literary critics, and historians of science, will use Darwin’s work as the starting point for debate about what constitutes evidence in the scientific community. Currently taking bookings – all are welcome. See <http://www.crassh.cam.ac.uk/events/2006-7/evolution.html>.

Speakers: Gillian Beer, David Clifford, Simon Conway Morris, Rob Foley, Steve Fuller, Peter Kjaergaard, David Norman, Hilary Rose, Jim Secord, Jamie Shovlin, Rebecca Stott, John van Wyhe, Richard Webb

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