Announcing a workshop and public lecture Descended from Darwin: insights into American evolutionary studies, 1925-1950 22 — 23 October 2004 At an upcoming conference and workshop sponsored by the Library of the American Philosophical Society (Philadelphia, USA), historians and philosophers of science will discuss evolutionary studies in America between 1925 — 1950.

Attention will focus on the famous “synthesis” period in evolutionary studies, when fundamental changes occurred in the discipline. These changes affect theories in biology even today.

This meeting will include an evening lecture, open to the public, by noted historian and philosopher, Professor Michael Ruse (Lucyle T. Werkmeister Professor of Philosophy at Florida State University). A charismatic and inspiring speaker, Ruse has long-standing interests in the subject and has written extensively on the history of evolutionary studies, Darwin, and the Darwinian Revolution.

The workshop will focus on substantial new research on the history of the evolutionary synthesis and will emphasize several key questions. How does recent scholarship change our understanding of the period? How does it alter our sense of connection across the generations? How do activities in evolutionary studies relate to developments elsewhere in biology? The sessions are organized on six themes:

· continuity and breaks across generations · emerging narratives for the period · new research opportunities at the APS · new ideas from the research front · placing evolutionists in the broader context of biology · concluding discussion: what needs doing?

Attendance at the workshop requires registration. Graduate students are especially welcome. Registration and program information are available on-line: <>

This conference is organized by Dr Joe Cain (University College London). <[email protected]>. It is made possible through the generous support of Professor Frederick H. Burkhardt, the Library of the American Philosophical Society, and Florida State University.