Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship Program (DPDF)

Request for Faculty Field-Building and Student-Training Proposals

Pairs of faculty who would like to train graduate students to contribute

to emerging or revitalizing interdisciplinary fields of study within the

humanities and/or social sciences are encouraged to submit proposals to

design and lead student workshops in 2010. The Dissertation Proposal

Development Fellowship Program (DPDF) will support successful faculty

applicants in directing two workshops for early-stage graduate students

to prepare dissertation research and funding proposals. Between the

workshops, the students will be supported to carryout summer research

and explore questions and methods for dissertation research. The DPDF

program is intended to intervene in the career development of graduate

students, facilitate their transition from students to researchers, and

enable them to participate in the development of interdisciplinary

fields of study.

Five pairs of faculty field directors will be selected to organize two

four-day workshops for 12 graduate students each. Student participants

will be recruited and selected competitively through the SSRC. The

first field workshops to orient students to their fields and prepare

them for summer research, are to take place on June 3-6, 2010. The

second workshops, to enable students to draw upon their orientations and

research to prepare dissertation research and funding proposals, are to

take place on September 16-19, 2010.

Each faculty field director will be provided a stipend of $10,000.

Research Fields

Faculty applicants are asked to propose a field of interdisciplinary

study that has not been a focus of DPDF training in the past. Full

descriptions of past research fields and the program are available at:

http://programs.ssrc.org/dpdf <blocked::http://programs.ssrc.org/dpdf> .

Field Research Directors

Each pair of field research directors must have different disciplinary

specializations, hold tenured positions at different US graduate

degree-granting institutions, and be experienced in supervising students

in dissertation research. The field directors design and, with

organizational logistics provided by SSRC staff, lead the spring and

fall workshops.

Application Requirements and Deadline

Pairs of eligible faculty are invited to submit joint proposals for 2010

through the SSRC’s application portal, http://applications.ssrc.org/

<blocked::http://applications.ssrc.org/> . Proposals should describe the

interdisciplinary nature of the proposed field, the disciplines from

which the SSRC might recruit graduate students to participate, and the

kinds of training activities to be organized in each workshop.

Applicants should also provide a short field bibliography and Curricula


Applications for 2010 must be submitted via the SSRC application portal

by October 2nd, 2009.

Contact Details: Please direct any questions to program staff at

[email protected] <blocked::mailto:[email protected]>

The DPDF Program is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation