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East Asian STS Conference

///East Asian STS Conference

East Asian STS Conference

Dear Colleagues,

I am posting in below the information for the East Asian STS Conference to be held in October 4-5th, Taipei, Taiwan. If you are interested in more detailed information concerning the conference, please visit our bilingual website http://sts.nthu.edu.tw/tsts/92workshop/eframe.htm. The website provides biographical information (affiliation, research interests, and major populations, academic and administrative responsibilities) for all the invited participants, and to make hyper-links to STS scholars, institutes, journals, and associations of three countries. Instead of a one-time event, this conference aspires to carry on the spirit of previous meetings and to move towards the long term goal in building a larger East Asian STS Network. While this conference participants so far consist mainly of East Asian scholars, we look forward to comments and future participation from all colleagues interested in East Asian STS.

Sean H-L LEI Tsing-hua University, Taiwan

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