Eighteenth-Century Thought invites submissions

Eighteenth-Century Thought is an international, interdisciplinary annual founded for the purpose of supporting study of early modern thought by publishing research pertinent to the fields of philosophy, natural philosophy, medicine, law, historiography, political theory, religion, economics, and the human sciences as they were conceived and pursued from the mid seventeenth century to the early nineteenth century. The journal’s goal is to distribute such studies in an overtly interdisciplinary forum, comprising not only papers on these subjects of common interest to scholars of these various disciplines, but also such studies that themselves exemplify the highest standards of interdisciplinary research.
Eighteenth-Century Thought welcomes papers and substantive discussion notes examining early modern thought in the areas of inquiry identified. The journal is interested not only in publishing individual essays in these disciplines, but is especially interested in publishing studies that are themselves interdisciplinary, embodying methods or subject matter from more than one of these disciplines. Submissions, including any illustrations, tables, or diagrams, should be e-mailed to the editor in triplicate, with the author identified only on a separate cover page; all other indications of the identity of the author in body of and notes to the text must be suppressed. An abstract of approximately 200 words should accompany each submission.
Eighteenth-Century Thought accepts submissions from 5,000 to 12,000 words inclusive. Submissions must be typewritten, double-spaced throughout, with wide margins. Usage in the journal follows that described in The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th ed. with modifications. Footnotes should be numbered sequentially at the bottom of the appropriate page and should follow the documentary note format described in The Chicago Manual. The journal publishes papers written in English. Quotations in modern European languages need not but may be translated into English.
Published annually, Eighteenth-Century Thought is a refereed journal; each submission is subject to blind review by two outside readers as well as by members of the Editorial Board.

Contact Person:
Professor James G. Buickerood
Eighteenth-Century Thought