A monthly London-based seminar on the history of early modern philosophy and science.

Time: 2-4pm. Refreshments provided.


Saturday 6 October 2007 Felicity Henderson (Kings College, London) ‘Scattered remains: locating the books and papers of Robert Hooke’.

Saturday 3 November 2007 John A. W. Lock ‘Practical applications of a mid-sixteenth-century English alchemist and metallurgist’

Saturday 8 December 2007 Peter Harrison (Manchester College, Oxford) ‘What was Philosophical about Natural Philosophy?’

Saturday 12 January 2008 Stephen Johnston (Museum of the History of Science, Oxford) ‘Mathematics, causes and magnetism: Thomas Digges on the variation of the compass’

Saturday 9 February 2008 Susan James (Birkbeck, University of London) ‘Reading Spinoza’s Tractatus Theologico-Politicus’

Saturday 8 March 2008 Pascal Brioist (CESR, Tours) ‘The geometry of the bastion in Renaissance fortifications’

Saturday 5 April 2008 Andrew Campbell (University College, London) ‘Paolo Antonio Foscarini: A Life Less Copernican’.

Saturday 3 May 2008 Christopher D. Johnson (Harvard University) ‘Breaking the Encyclopaedia: Francis Bacon’s Sylva Sylvarum’

Saturday 7 June 2008 Richard Coulton ‘Gentlemen and Horticulture in eighteenth-century London’

Organisers: Dr Stephen Clucas ([email protected]) Dr Peter J. Forshaw ([email protected]).

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