Enabling the Past: new perspectives in the history of disability Friday 17 – Sunday 19 June 2005 Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of Manchester, UK

Disability is an innovative field, traversing a wide range of subjects and themes including historical dimensions. This conference aims to explore this diversity, consider new perspectives and offer dynamic directions for further research.


Zina Weygand, Centre National des Arts et Métiers, Paris Author (with Catherine Kudlick), Reflections: the Life and Writings of a Young Blind Woman in Post-Revolutionary France, New York University Press, 2001

Jeffrey Reznick, National Museum of Health and Medicine, Washington DC Author, Healing the Nation: Soldiers and the Culture of Caregiving in Britain During the Great War, Manchester University Press, 2005.

Paul K Longmore, San Francisco State University, California Author, Why I Burned My Book and Other Essays on Disability, Temple University Press, 2003.

Full programme to follow. For latest details and registration form, see <http://www.chstm.man.ac.uk/events/enabling-the-past.htm> or contact the conference organisers: Dr Julie Anderson, julie.anderson (at) manchester.ac.uk Dr Ana Carden-Coyne, a.cc (at) manchester.ac.uk