ESHS Second InternationalConference (6-9/09/2006): Call for Papers


The Global and the Local: The History of Science and the Cultural Integration of Europe

Cracow 6-9 September 2006

An international conference organized jointly by the European Society for the History of Science, the Commission on the History of Science of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Commission for European Matters of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Jagiellonian University, and the Institute for the History of Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences, in co-operation with Czech, Hungarian and Slovak institutions.

The European Society for the History of Science will hold its second international conference in Cracow, a city located at the heart of Europe that has long been a traditional place for ex-changes between various parts of the continent. Beginning on the evening of Wednesday 6 September 2006 (with the opening plenary lecture and a reception and get-together party) and ending, after three full days, on Saturday 9 September, the conference is planned as an important event within a series of initiatives aimed at creating a European community in the history of science. The first conference of the ESHS, held in Maastricht from 4 to 6 Novem-ber 2004, set the tone, and we now look forward to building on the achievements of that con-ference in a gathering that will bring together scholars from all parts of Europe, from the West and East, North and South, and Centre of the continent.

Proposals for sessions

On 7 and 8 September, the conference will be organized around sessions or symposia devoted to specific themes (for which suggestions are invited from potential participants). It is hoped that these sessions will take advantage of the presence of scholars from across Europe to break new ground in the fashioning of comparative and integrative perspectives. It is pro-posed that one of these sessions, or a group of sessions, should address the general theme of communication and exchanges in science between European countries, especially between the nations of Eastern, Western, and Central Europe. Other sessions will be devoted to cur-rent areas of research in the history of science, such as the relations between science and re-ligion, science and the arts, women in science, science and technology, science and society, and the role of instruments and instrumentation. But suggestions for other themes and histo-riographical debates would be welcome. All suggestions should be sent to the Conference Office in Cracow by 15 November 2005.

The final day of the conference, 9 September, will be devoted to a special symposium on the past, present, and future prospects of the history of science in European higher education. Proposals for sessions and detailed sub-themes of this symposium may be formulated by rep-resentatives of national societies and other relevant academic bodies, and by eminent indi-viduals. They should be addressed to the Conference Office in Cracow by 15 November 2005. They should be accompanied by a summary of the proposal (maximum of 100 words) and, in the case of the individual proposer, a brief curriculum vitae.

The email address for all proposals is:[email protected]. Please give as the subject ‘R proposals’ (for sessions on ‘research matters’) or ‘HE proposals’ (for the symposium on ‘higher education matters’).

Proposals should be prepared as Microsoft Word 97 documents. They should be single-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman, except for the title of the proposal (14-point bold) and the name(s) of the institution(s) and email address(es) (10-point). The name(s) of the au-thor(s) and institution(s) and the e-mail address(es) and the title of the proposal should be centred. The main text should be justified.

Proposals for individual papers

Scholars wishing to present a 20-minute contributed paper are invited to submit a one-page abstract for consideration by the programme committee. Abstracts, which should be sent to the Conference Office in Cracow by 15 March 2006, should be presented in the same format as the proposals for sessions and symposia (see above). Please give ‘CP proposals’ as the subject for proposals for contributed papers. All those submitting proposals will be informed of the programme committee’s decisions by 15 April 2006.


• Proposals for sessions and symposia: 15 November 2005

• Abstracts of contributed papers: 15 March 2006

• Notification of acceptance of contributed paper: 15 April 2006

• Deadlines for registration: 1 June 2006

• Deadline for hotel reservation: 1 June 2006

Conference fee: 99 euros, excluding conference dinner (21 euros). The fee for participants registered after 1 June 2006 will be 140 euros, and 25 euros for the dinner.

Further details on the conference will be given (and systematically updated) on the Conference website.

Please note that although this is a conference of the ESHS, participation is not limited to members of the society.