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Events at the Royal Institution (autumn 2018)

///Events at the Royal Institution (autumn 2018)

Events at the Royal Institution (autumn 2018)

What are Museums for in the 21st Century? (Discourse)
7.20-8.45pm, Friday 28 September, The Theatre

Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum and former MP, Dr Tristram Hunt, will discuss how museums can retain their relevance and purpose in our contemporary age. For an institution enmeshed in collections going back 5,000 years, the V&A is as focused on curating the future as preserving the past. Discourses are one of the Ri’s oldest and most prestigious series of talks.

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Gene Machine
7.00-8.30pm, Thursday 18 October, The Theatre

Everyone knows about DNA. It is the essence of our being, determining who we are and what we pass on to our children. The ribosome, on the other hand, doesn’t enjoy such wide understanding. Yet without it, nothing lives. It is the mother of all molecules. For if DNA is data then it can’t go anywhere, or do anything, without a machine to process it. The ribosome is that machine.

Nobel Prize winner Venki Ramakrishnan will tell the story of the race to uncover the structure of the ribosome, a fundamental discovery that resolves an ancient mystery of life itself and could lead to the development of better antibiotics to fight the most deadly diseases. He will chart his unlikely journey from his first fumbling experiments in a biology lab to being at the centre of a fierce competition at the cutting edge of modern science.

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Black History Month: Balancing the Equation
7.00-8.30pm, Monday 8 October, The Theatre

Science should be for everyone, but not everyone gets the representation that they deserve. What does that mean for society? Join Alex Lathbridge and a panel of experts as they explore the work of prominent Black scientists from the past and how experts with new experiences are changing the face of contemporary science as we know it. Exploring how lack of diversity has affected everything from AI to genetics, our experts will show how researchers are combating years of bias in the most cutting-edge research.

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The Measure of Science: Redefining the Kilogram
7.00-8.30pm, Monday 22 October, The Theatre

If we cannot measure something, we cannot begin to understand it. In May 2019, the International System of Units, the ‘SI’, will be redefining the kilogram, ampere, kelvin and mole. In this talk, Michael de Podesta will explain the rationale for the forthcoming changes and why, even though you are unlikely to personally notice any changes, you should be happy about them.

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