Evolution studies in Britain, 1918-1940 – Call for Papers

Scholars working in the area of history of evolutionary studies in Britain

between WW1 and WW2 are invited to participate in a publishing project on

the subject. The goal is to create an anthology of peer-reviewed scholarly

papers that both add substantively to the topic and relate the subject to

historiographical themes in the broader history of science community.

This follows the successful publishing project:

Joe Cain and Michael Ruse (editors). 2009. Descended from Darwin: Insights

into the History of Evolutionary Studies, 1900-1970 (Philadelphia: PA:

American Philosophical Society. Transactions of the American Philosophical

Society, volume 99, part 1).

Individual papers in this volume now are available online:


The aim is to follow this timeline: 15 Sep 2009 deadline for paper

submissions, Winter 2009-2010 review and editorial work; Spring 2010

publication. During the review process, participants will be encouraged to

comment constructively on other manuscripts in the volume. Final papers

should be in the 8-12K word range, notes inclusive. Precise format to be

described later.

Send proposals, provisional titles, and queries to Joe Cain, Department of

Science and Technology Studies, University College London

[email protected].