Evolution — the Experience Location: Australia Conference Date: 2008-09-30 CALL FOR PAPERS Evolution the Experience Melbourne Convention Centre 8 – 13 February 2009

We invite submission of abstracts for the following conference stream Abstract submissions now due 30 September 2008.

EVOLUTION IN SOCIETY — the impact of Darwin & Darwin’s ideas

Includes: Darwinism & Anti Darwinism, race and physical anthropology, evolution of sex and gender

Although Charles Darwin spent only a brief period in Australia, his theory and its legacy has had a formative influence on the growth and development of Australian social policy, education, medicine and science. Evolutionary ideas remain central to modern debates about race, sex and gender, the new eugenics and genetics, and creationism and evolution. This conference stream will bring together historians, philosophers, anthropologists and scholars working in related fields to discuss the impact of Darwin’s ideas past, present and future.

Stream organizers: Rosemary Robins [email protected] Ross Jones: [email protected] Rm 209 Old Quad The University of Melbourne VIC 3010 Australia

Email: [email protected] Visit the website at http://evolution09.com.au/index.php