The Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University invites applications for residential fellowships for the academic year 2009-2010. Applications will be considered from tenured and tenure-track faculty, and postdoctoral scholars from the U.S. and foreign universities. Candidates may apply as individuals or as small groups.

Fellowships are offered in a number of interdisciplinary areas, including:

Gendered Innovations in Knowledge. While much has been written on women in science and engineering, especially the difficulty of recruiting and retaining women in these areas, the challenge now is to integrate the insights of gender studies into scientific theory and practice. We welcome research proposals that address how gender analysis, when turned to science and engineering, can profoundly enhance human knowledge. The key questions are: How has gender analysis sparked creativity by opening new questions for future research? How can employing gender as a tool of analysis lead to new knowledge? To better understand what we are looking for, see Londa Schiebinger, Gendered Innovations in Science and Engineering (Stanford University Press, 2008) and Has Feminism Changed Science? (Harvard University Press, 1999), part III, or Signs, Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 28 (2003):859-922 on “Feminism Inside the Sciences.”

– Gender in the Physical Sciences, and Math. – Gender in Engineering and Computer Science. – Gender in Environmental Sciences. – Gender in the Life Sciences and Bio-technology. – Gender-specific Medical Research and Women’s Health. – Clustering in Scientific Subfields. Women tend to cluster in particular sciences, such as the life sciences, and in particular subfields of science or engineering (for example, there are many more women in civil than in electrical engineering). We welcome applications that investigate what it is about particular fields that attract or repel women. – Title IX in Science and Engineering. Title IX applies to all areas of federally-funded education, including science and engineering. Researchers working on the use of Title IX, in particular identifying criteria for assessing institutional compliance with Title IX, in the sciences are invited to apply. – Women in “Big Science”. – Work culture and work-life balance in professional life, especially in the sciences. – Division of Household Labor. It is well known that women tend to undertake more household labor than men in heterosexual relationships, even when they work in full-time paid employment. We are interested in new approaches to these issues, rather than a restatement of existing conclusions.

Fellows must be in residence at the Clayman Institute for the duration of their fellowship. Fellowship stipends range from $36,000 for postdoctoral scholars to $60,000 for senior faculty. Applications for one, two or three quarters will be considered.

Complete applications are to be received in our office by 4:00pm (PST) on Wednesday, October 15, 2008. To apply and for further information, please visit the Clayman Institute website at <” target=”_new”>>