Royal Institution Historical Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Fast, faster, fastest: Nobel Laureates in chemical kinetics

Afternoon meeting at the Royal Institution, 21 Albemarle Street, London, W1S 4BS

Tuesday 28 October 2003


This joint meeting will examine the twentieth century development of the key science of chemical kinetics, including photochemistry, through the work of a number of British Nobel Prize winners.


3.00 Arrival

Chair: Dr Frank James

3.15 Dr Michael Hoare From Arrhenius to Zewail: a long view of chemical kinetics

4.00 Professor Brian Thrush, FRS The life and work of Ronald Norrish

4.45 Tea

Chair: Professor Jack Betteridge

5.15 Professor Sir John Rowlinson, FRS Gases, liquids, solids and bacteria: Hinshelwood’s work in kinetics

6.00 Dr Frank A.J.L. James The life and works of George Porter

While this event is free and open to everyone, it would be helpful if you could let Dr Frank James ([email protected]) know if you are attending.