INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED STUDY, Princeton, New Jersey, School of Historical Studies Memberships 2005-2006: A community of scholars where intellectual inquiry, research and writing is carried out in the best of circumstances, the Institute offers Members libraries, offices, seminar and lecture rooms, subsidized housing, stipends and other services. Open to all fields of historical research, the School of Historical Studies= principal interests are history of western, near eastern and far eastern civilizations, Greek and Roman civilization, history of Europe (medieval, early modern, and modern), the Islamic world, East Asian studies, history of art, music studies and modern international relations. Candidates of any nationality may apply for one or two terms. Residence in Princeton during term time is required. The only other obligation of Members is to pursue their own research. The Ph.D. (or equivalent) and substantial publications are required. Information and application forms for this and other programs may be found on the School=s web site,, or contact the School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study, Einstein Dr., Princeton, N.J. 08540 (E-mail address: [email protected]). Deadline: 15 November 2004.