*Feminism, Science, and Values*

June 25-28, 2010

The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada

In June 2010, the International Association of Women Philosophers (IAPh)

(http://www.iaph-philo.org/ ) will be meeting at The University of

Western Ontario.

The organizing committee invites papers from all areas of philosophy

related to the theme of the conference: Feminism, Science, and Values.

We especially welcome papers from graduate students. There are many

possible topics, the following being just a small sample:

· Questions about the content of science; the evaluation of hypotheses;

the uses of science; the idea of “value-free science”; the regulation

and control of science; the funding of science; science as oppressor of

the disadvantaged; science as a liberator of the disadvantaged; science

for the people; science and democracy; the “collapse” of the is/ought

distinction; the relationship between ethical and epistemic norms; the

role of ethics in deciding what sorts of science to pursue; the role of

science in the resolution of ethical questions.

· Questions about concepts of sex/gender, race, intelligence, sexuality,

sociobiology, health and disease, normalcy, etc., possibly discussed via

specific examples and case studies.

· Historical studies of the relationship between science and feminist


· Discussions of philosophy’s role in supporting modes of thought that

perpetuate bad practices and discussions of philosophy’s emancipatory

potential for women and others.

Submissions of long abstracts (750-1000 words) are invited (for eventual

presentation of papers that are no more than 3000 words and 20 minutes

maximum reading time). Please email your abstract as a double-spaced

Word or RTF attachment, prepared for anonymous review, which requires

that you remove all identifying-author tags from your document content

and file properties. Send the e-mail to [email protected], and include

within it (not in the abstract) your full contact information.

More information will be available about the conference on our website,


/Deadline: Midnight Eastern time August 15, 2009. /