FHHS/JHBS John C. Burnham Early Career Award

The Forum for History of Human Science (FHHS) and the Journal of the History of the Behavioral Science (JHBS) encourage researchers early in their careers to submit unpublished manuscripts for the annual John C. Burnham Early Career Award, named in honor of this prominent historian of the human sciences and past-editor of JHBS. The journal will publish the winning paper with a notice of the award, and the publisher will provide the author of the paper an honorarium of US $500.

Here are the guidelines for the award:

Unpublished manuscripts dealing with any aspect(s) of the history of the human sciences are welcome. Eligible scholars are those who do not hold tenured university positions (or equivalent); graduate students and independent scholars are encouraged to submit. “Early career” is interpreted to include the period up to seven (7) years beyond the Ph.D. Since competition may be high in any given year, people are encouraged to re-submit in subsequent years, as long as the manuscript has not been already submitted to some other journal and the submitting scholar is still in early career.

The paper submitted is the most important aspect of the competition, but since this is an “early career award,” the prize committee will also consider professional activities, including (though not limited to) participation in annual meetings of the History of Science Society and other scholarly work. The submission consists of three copies of the paper and three copies of the candidate’s c.v. The paper must meet the publishing guidelines of the JHBS; for conference papers, these guidelines generally include revision and expansion to create an article-length paper.

The committee will acknowledge receipt of each submission and will promptly confirm its eligibility. The committee’s selection of the prizewinner (the nominee to JHBS editors) will be announced at the annual History of Science Society meeting (held October or November). (If there are no appropriate submissions in any given year, no award will be given for that year.)

FHHS will promptly notify JHBS of its endorsement, and the manuscript will go through the regular refereeing process of the journal. After the editors of JHBS have accepted the nominated paper for publication, it will be published on their timetable and the publisher will issue the honorarium. Although it is technically possible that someone might win the Burnham Early Career Award and not receive the honorarium, FHHS and JHBS do not expect this to happen under normal circumstances.

Deadline: April 30. Send three copies of unpublished manuscript and of c.v., to Nadine Weidman, Secretary of FHHS, 138 Woburn St., Medford MA 02155

For more information, see the FHHS website: