First Conference on History of Medicine in Southeast Asia – Call for papers Center for Khmer Studies, Siem reap, Cambodia (

January 9-10, 2006

Committee: Professor Rethy Chhem, Chair, University of Western Ontario (Canada) Professor Harold Cook, Member, Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL (UK) Professor Laurence Monnais, Member, Universite de Montreal (Canada) This conference is sponsored by the Wellcome Trust, the University of Montreal and the University of Western Ontario.

This international conference, the first of its kind, seeks to promote research in all aspects of the Southeast Asian history of medicine, to foster closer fellowship among all medical historians and greater cooperation among scholars and students, especially those practicing in Southeast Asia. Please submit title and abstract (300 words) before August 1, 2005 to Laurence Monnais at: [email protected]

Registration information: please contact Lesley Perlman at [email protected]