On behalf of the organizing group, Jeremy Greene, S. Ryan Gregory, Jennifer Keelan and Todd Olsewski, we announce the FIRST JOINT ATLANTIC SEMINAR IN THE HISTORY OF MEDICINE, a conference for, by and of graduate students, to be held at the Institute of the History of Medicine, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, U.S., October 3-4, 2003.

For information about registration, location and lodging, see www.jointatlantic.org You MUST register by September 6. An outline of the program for October 4 (9:20-5:30) is given below.

Session I Matthew Klemm, Johns Hopkins University “Confidence as Concept and Cure for Pietro d’Abano (c. 1250-1316)”

Sarah M. Haight , University of California, Santa Barbara ” ‘Limbs Rarely Poised’ The Space between Art and Nature in Giulio Casseri’s Tabulae Anatomicae”

Session II Sunita Puri Oxford University ” ‘Catching the Plague’: Visual Narratives of the Indian Body, Colonial Power, and Infectious Disease in Colonial Bombay, 1896-1897″

Deborah Neill, University of Toronto Race, Medicine and Transnational Networks: the European Response to African Sleeping Sickness, 1900-1914

Session III Elaine Leong, Oxford University A Question of Text and Gender: Medical Recipe Collections in Early Modern England

Jeremy Schmidt, Johns Hopkins University ‘The Pastoral Care of Melancholy in Tudor and Stuart England’

Session IV Rebecca M. Kluchin, Carnegie Mellon University “Transforming the Image of Sterilization: The Intersection of Women’s Reproductive Rights and Neo-Eugenics”

Noemi Tousignant, McGill University ” ‘Reporting Relief’: Trusting the Subject in Analgesic Evaluation in 1940s and 1950s U. S.”

Session V Jarod H. Roll, Northwestern University “Between Federal Reluctance and Local Resistance: Public Health and the Forgotten Man in the 1930s South”

Richard M. Mizelle Jr. , Rutgers University “The Environment of Health: Blues, Race, and the 1927 Mississippi Flood”

Roundtable Discussion Moderators: Jeremy Greene, Harvard University & Todd Olszweski, Yale University