Foundations of Modern Thought, University of Bucharest FME Seminar on Early Modern Philosophy Disseminating knowledge in Seventeenth Century: Centres and peripheries in the Republic of Letters July, 30- August 4, 2006 Bran, Romania

One of the main features of modernity is the constitution of what has been called the Republic of Letters: a complex of communities, societies, correspondence networks, formal or informal circles of learned individuals throughout Europe, often involved in common projects of reforming the received knowledge.

Numerous seventeenth century projects for the reformation of knowledge emphasized the collective character of producing and disseminating knowledge. Philosophers like Bacon, Mersenne, Descartes, Gassendi, Pascal, Boyle or Leibniz, are just some examples of those involved in such projects. What were their common features? What were the philosophical alternatives behind the triumphal label of the Republic of Letters? What were the goals, the moral values or the rules of conduct governing the emerging intellectual communities?

The FME Seminar in modern philosophy is an international annual meeting of scholars organised by the Research Center for the Foundations of Modern Thought of the University of Bucharest. Past editions have been held in various locations of Romania, and the seminar has become already a tradition. The aim of the seminar is to create an proper environment for discussing papers and ideas. It includes workshops in the morning and presentations of papers in the afternoon, trying to maintain a balance between a high academic level and the informal spirit of an academia.

This year, the seminar will take place in Bran, near Brasov, in Transylvania. Guest speakers will be Daniel Garber (Princeton University), Roger Ariew (University of South Florida), Giulia Belgioioso (Università di Lecce), Gilles Olivo (Université de Caën). Among the participants: Vlad Alexandrescu, Catalin Avramescu, Sorana Corneanu, Dana Jalobeanu, Eric Lewis, Brandon Look, Mihai-Vlad Niculescu, Justin E. H. Smith, and Igor Agostini.

If interested, please submit an abstract related (but not restricted) to topics like the above mentioned and a brief CV or presentation to Dana Jalobeanu, [email protected] or/and Vlad Alexandrescu, [email protected] by the 1st of May. For more details visit our website at