The Wellcome Library is proud to announce the opening to scholars of a major new resource for the history of molecular biology: papers of Nobel laureate Francis Crick.

The Wellcome Trust purchased Dr. Crick’s papers in December 2001, with the assistance of a grant from the Heritage Lottery fund. Papers covering the first half of Crick’s career are now catalogued and available for study in the Library. The catalogue can be consulted via the Library’s website at <> (choose the Manuscripts & Archives option and search for reference PP/CRI).

The new material constitutes over 1000 files of correspondence, research notes and other material, centring on Crick’s work in molecular biology and in particular his elucidation, with James Watson, of the structure of DNA. These papers formed part of a major Wellcome Trust exhibition in 2003 marking the 50th anniversary of Watson and Crick’s ground-breaking paper on DNA. To date, that has been the only sight that the public have had of this important resource. From this month the material is open to any researcher.

Digitised images of some sample items can be viewed on the Wellcome Library’s image collections website at <> (search on the phrase “Crick papers”). These include Crick’s pencil sketches of the structure of DNA, drafts of the famous Watson and Crick paper, and the telegram announcing Crick’s Nobel Prize.

Cataloguing of a second batch of material is now beginning. This covers the second half of Crick’s career, in which he relocated to the United States and switched the focus of his work to the neurosciences. Regular progress reports on this cataloguing will be posted on the Library website.

For further information contact: Archives & Manuscripts Wellcome Library 183 Euston Road London NW1 2BE Tel: +44 (0)20 7611 8486 Fax +44 (0)20 7621 8703 E-mail: [email protected]

Notes 1. The Wellcome Library is one of the world’s greatest collections of books, manuscripts, pictures and films around the meaning and history of medicine, from the earliest times to the present day. It is open to the public without charge and without appointment. For details of location, opening hours, etc., see the Library website at <>. 2. A detailed discussion of the Crick papers just released can be found in: Chris Beckett, “For the record: the Francis Crick archive at the Wellcome Library,” Medical History, 48: 2 (2004), 245-60.

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