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Gender and Animal Studies Conference, Uppsala

///Gender and Animal Studies Conference, Uppsala

Gender and Animal Studies Conference, Uppsala

The gender and animal studies conference aims at scientists and Ph.D. students active in the field of human-animal studies. The conference is intended for discussions regarding human-animal studies and to facilitate research cooperation among its participants. Subfields include all issues related to the study of gender and animals studies such as: Representation of animals in science, visual culture, popular culture, art, literature and media, postcolonial, and class studies; Animals in politics and law; Speciesism; Human-animal boundary work; Human-animal geographies; Animals and philosophy; Animals in culture, religion and history; Animals in human institutions such as agriculture, research and leisure industries, Human-animal interaction, Animals in discourses of science. Scholars from the natural sciences and medicine are encouraged to participate.

Plenary Speakers Marlene Zuk, University of California Riverside, USA Patricia Adair Gowaty, University of Georgia, USA Nina Lykke, Linköping University, Sweden

Abstracts should be no longer than 500 words and be sent in by e-mail to: [email protected] Deadline for submission of abstracts is May 15, 2007 For further information visit: http://www.gender.uu.se/node25

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